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SG-PS -X1800 Vamaa Mini Desktop Computer

VAMAAtm SG-PS-1800 has Intel1037U and Processor, dual core CPU 1.8GHZ, which has exquisite workmanship motherboard, onboard 2GB RSM and 16GB Storage and Intel HD Graphics (HD2000) 1 G HD discreter Graphic. SG-PS-X1800 HAS com and can be very suitable for industrial users, its all solid and muting design, SG-PS-X1800 equipped with latest technology and can be used like all computer office work, Internet surfing, emailing, video chatting.

Technical Specifications & Features

Description Parameters
CPU Intel Celeron 1037U dual core 1.8GHZ
Hard Disk SSD 8GB
Chip set Intel NM70
I / O Port VGA, HDMI, USB2.0*4, RJ-45 Lan port, DC 19V Port audio Input / Output, HDD led (onboard the COM, printer port)
Graphics card Intel HD Graphics (HD2000) 1 G HD Graphics
Main Frequency 1.8GHz
Video Support DX10.1 / HDCP, Support HDMI
Network Card Onboard Realtek RTL8111F-10/100/1000 Gigabit Nics Chip
Aufio Realtek ALC6626 sound track HDMI audio
Consumption 17 watt
OS All windows or linux system Supported default OS: Win 7
Dimension 20x20x4 cm
Compatibility Can Integrate Vmare, Citrix client Side