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EyeRIS 8-Series Interactive Whiteboard System

Functioning efficiently from Maharashtra(India), we are known for bringing forth quality products at competitive price. With ultramodern warehouse and automated warehouse management systems, we carry out excellent supply chain management. This helps us in meeting voluminous requirements.


EyeRIS 8-Series Interactive Whiteboard Systems
EyeRIS 8090UST for K-12 Segment and EyeRIS 8120ST for Higher Education

Product Highlights :

  • Surface Independent
  • Fast Response Time : 195 Mn dots/sec
  • True MultiTouch (255 Touch Points)
  • Auto Calibration
  • Portability
  • Super-Capacitive Stylus
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Superior Ambient Light Resistance
  • Robust Product Design
  • Bundled with IntelliSpace IWB Suite
  • Recording Tools (Video & Audio)
  • Geometrical Tools
  • Integration with MS OfficeTM
  • Import Images / Files / Videos
  • Extensive Resource Library
  • Cybernetyx MyCloud Content Engine
  • Capture Tools : Snapshot from running video
  • Multi Language Support

EyeRIS 8 Series IWB Systems

Technical Specifications:

Movement Detection Technology 3-D Optical
Tracking Active Area (max projectoion size) Upto 90 inches (EyeRIS 8090 UST) & 120 inches (EyeRIS 8120 ST) diagonal
Tracking Speed 60-70 FPS. Extrapolated upto 200 FPS
Ambient Light Resistance Technology 850 +/- 20 & 650 +/-20 dual band tracking technology (Visible and IR bands)
Simultaneous Touch Point Support 255
Calibration Technology Automatic as well as Manual Calibration
Response Time 195Mn dots/sec
Connectivity Interface USB 2.0
Power Requirement 5V
Power Consumption < 1W
Operating & Storage Environment Operating & Storage Environment
Dimension 97mm X 62mm X 35mm



Features Benefits
Fast Response Time Real-time writing speed without any lag and superior writing performance
Higher Resolution (195 Mn dots/sec) Using unique sub-pixel processing technique, Cybernetyx VisualTouchTM
tracking engine is able to enhance the resolution upto 9 times the native
resolution resulting in less jitter while writing
Preciseness Gives an accurate performance while writing
Surface Independence No special board required, makes any surface interactive
Automatic Calibration Using a automatic filter switcher, EyeRIS is able to extract visible band images of the
projection enabing the system to calibrate automatically within 5 seconds
Superior Ambient Light Resistance No sunlight disturbance. Based on the dual layer band-pass filtering optical
technology, EyeRIS does a heuristic sampling and active background subtraction of
all physical space outside to projection. Thus, no external light sources can cause
interference to the EyeRIS system
Supports 255 Touch Points Multi touch gesture (zoom in / zoom out / rotate). MultiWriting
Large Screen Area Any screen/whiteboard/painted wall can be utilized. For large classrooms, bigger
projection size can be supported
Super-Capacitive Stylus Extremely light weight, Ultra-fast full charging time, Feather smooth writing experience,
Economical (no batteries required), A million times recharging possiblities. Full charging
time is just 180 sec. which provides a writing time of mutiple hours


Super-Capacitive Stylus

Technical Specifications:
Movement Detection Technology Pressure Sensing Detection
Technology Used Super-Capacitive technology
Charging Time 3 minutes
Pen Body Dimension 134 mm (length); 16 mm (diameter)
Weight Under 30 g



Key Features Benefits to the User
Weighs Under 30 gms Feels like a normal dry-erase marker, making it very comfortable to hold and use.
Super-Capacitive Technology Economical, no need of replenishing batteries ever.
Ultra-Fast Charging Time No long waits for charging. Uninterrupted usage for hours.
Excellent Built Quality Minimal wear and tear.